The Administrative Team supports teacher learning and the development of
teacher leadership by providing the opportunities, time, resources,
tools, and feedback to work towards the school-wide student goal.

Lincoln's Administrative Team is:

Principal, Pat Erwin; Assistant Principals: Logic Amen, Don Crider, Kianee Lee; Dean of Students, Brian Lawson.

Administrative Team

The Professional Development Leadership  Team (PDLT) is a representation of department leads, teacher leaders, and administration. The PDLT supports teacher learning by regularly analyzing student and teacher information. Professional learning is developed based on student needs and what staff should understand, know and be able to do to meet student needs. 

Lincoln's Professional Development Leadership Team is: Hope Teague-Bowling (ELA), Nicole Cason (Math), Josh Cushman (ELA), Travis Davio (IC), Cameron Dempster (SS), Lynn Eisenhauer (Fine Arts), Pat Erwin (Principal), Kim Eudaily (SpEd), Jennifer Holm (Sci), Brian Lawson (Dean), Karina Schuler (World Lang), Rachel Shirreff (Couseling & Guidance), Kevin Smith (CTE).

PDLT & Department Leads

Instructional Coaching supports teacher development...

Lincoln's Instructional Coach is Travis Davio.

Instructional Coach & Teacher Coaches

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